Working where the air is thin
surrounded by glacier and rock

So close to the heavens...

Renovation works at the highest mountain hut in South Tyrol

Renovation works on the Becherhaus, the highest mountain hut in South Tyrol, began short ago in August 2020. The Alpine Work team (purchaser is the province of South Tyrol) have been achieving great things up here at 3,915 metres above sea level, where the intention is to maintain the unique, original character of the mountain refuge hut.

Plans comprise the complete renovation of the windows, the roof and the facade, for which larch shingles will be used as in the past and the new shutters will resplend in red and white once more. Mountaineers can also look forward to a new terrace on the west side and, to the east, a roomy, comfortable Stube wood-panelled living room for sociable evenings in the new extension.

The interior will also get a complete overhaul, including new heating and sanitary facilities which comprise a self-sufficient photovoltaic energy supply and a new water supply system. Plans also include, naturally, extensive fire-proofing and escape exits.

The team is supported by a helicopter team

Working in the high mountains is extremely challenging, and demands every ounce of strength from the human body. The workers are specialised in Alpine areas, and are supported by a helicopter team. Good physical fitness is an essential prerequisite. And given that the Becherhaus, with Europe’s highest chapel, is so close to the heavens, a little help from above is most assuredly with them.

The interior will be completed in June 2021, but visitors will certainly be welcome in the summer months. The renovations should be finished in August 2021

Lukas Lantschner, the new host of the hut, looks forward to seeing you!

From the end of June to September, the highest refuge in South Tyrol offers a place to stop for a break and serves meals to help you regain strength.