The only sound is that of the snow crunching

With one step at a time, you approach your destination

The secluded winter landscape bestows a magical feeling of peace and tranquillity. With one step at a time, you approach your destination, all the while the glistening slopes of the descent give you renewed strength for the arduous ascent. Once you reach your destination, you feel free and satisfied and are rewarded with a breathtaking mountain panorama. But the best is yet to come... the descent! Head into the powder snow and ski as long as your legs will allow.

A ski tour is something special for many people. Not only because the winter scenery is unique but also because skiers have to conquer the mountain all by themselves. This is the very reason why this challenging winter sport is becoming more and more popular and is already one of the best winter experiences in Ratschings.

In the wintry Ridnauntal valley, you will find a very popular ski touring mountain, the 2,305m high Einachtspitze. The almost 800 metres of elevation gain are doable in safe snow conditions – even for beginners with moderate fitness levels. At the summit, you are greeted by the new cross that was erected in 2019. A photo at the summit is a must! Then, turn after turn, you glide back down the snowy slope, and don't worry – a fall into the deep snow is part of the fun! What a great winter experience in Ratschings!

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