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Ratschings: sustainable into the future

In today’s world, quality without sustainability is no quality at all. That’s why, here in Ratschings, we strive to follow a quality-driven path whereby people and nature walk hand in hand: in tourism and agriculture, as in mobility and artisanship.
In pursuit of this aim, we have set out on our path towards “South Tyrol Sustainability Programme” certification. We are aiming to achieve the highest level of certification, which is globally recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).
We would like to involve the wider population in this process by means of a general survey, which was conducted in autumn.
Rather than marking the end of this project, certification should signal the beginning of a constant improvement of the destination as a whole, and lead to a long-term mutually beneficial relationship between residents and guests.
Our mission and vision

A Green Team was brought together for the purposes of pursuing the aims of this project, and a series of general guidelines drawn up on which all future decisions will be based.
At the heart of this vision lies the collective design of a communal living space which preserves and upholds tradition, and, at the same time, develops the region in a manner of equal appeal to all involved, with a strong emphasis on a connection with the natural world and an active experience of thereof.
This leads on to our mission and vision, which are central to the implementation of future goals.

We believe in the importance of nurturing a close bond with the natural world, and by taking active measures to protect and preserve our surroundings. Our vision draws its inspiration from the peace of mind, close relationship with nature and outdoor experiences that lead us to understand the importance of nature, and appreciate the joy and beauty it gives us. By thinking creatively and uniting our forces, we can help to maintain and improve our region for future generations to enjoy. We are proud of the fact that we are all working together to uphold our traditions and culture by preserving and moulding our homeland.

Our mission: We inspire peace, a connection with nature, and active experiences. With responsibility and creativity, we preserve and shape our living space—our traditions.

Our vision: We are a vibrant, authentic, climate-responsible region which, in ts local cycles, is equally attractive for guests, local people and all those who work with us.

2023's surveys in a nutshell

The 2023 guest survey in a nutshell

A guest survey was conducted in summer 2023, in which 515 people were interviewed. Germany and Italy were among the main markets. The average age of the guests was around 40 and the majority (80%) traveled by car. Most guests discover Ratschings through recommendations from friends or family - the stay is usually spent with a partner or family and is characterized by the keywords nature, landscape, peace and quiet and spending time together.

The results of the guest survey
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2023's population survey in a nutshell

The population survey in the municipality of Ratschings carried out in autumn of 2023, focused on sustainability and the interaction with guests, locals and the tourism association. The evaluation shows that the 333 participants cover a wide age spectrum and are favorable towards the community and the future of tourism. Points of criticism are high living costs and the traffic density, while gastronomy and the preservation of culture and tradition are praised. The population's main aspirations are nature and landscape conservation as well as more quality and preservation of tradition in tourism.
The results of the population survey
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Calculation of value added
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Step by step to the goal

In 2006, Hannes Rainer took over his parents' business and turned the Nature and Hiking Hotel Rainer into one of the most sustainable hotels in South Tyrol.

What steps did Hannes Rainer take in the sustainable transformation of his business?

What is the innovative hotelier convinced of? And how do guests learn to appreciate the changes? Hannes explains in this video!


Hannes Rainer explains what his mission is all about and much more in the video!


Natural partners at equal terms
 For the hotel manager and chef Hannes Rainer, nature is at the heart of everything he does - and he runs the Nature and Hiking Hotel Rainer in Jaufental in a sustainable manner. In all his considerations and decisions, he is always aware that maximum profit and sustainable management are not compatible.


Check out these 3 learnings from Hannes Rainer:

  1. Sustainability starts with the construction of the building! Find out more about ecological construction and remember: you can also achieve your goal with small steps.
  2. Short distances have priority! Look around your local area for suitable suppliers from whom you can source your products and work with them.
  3. Consider the realization of your concept! Think about how you can stick with it and how to convince your employees to go down this path with you.

The organic way of life

Organic farmer Thomas Zössmayr

 Lettuce, carrots, mangold and much more - the assortment on the vegetable field of organic farmer Thomas Zössmayr's "Waldförster" is highly varied and includes both traditional vegetables and rarities. Working in the rhythm of nature, which sets the pace in the field, gives the highly motivated organic farmer great satisfaction. For him, organic is not a simple lifestyle, but a set of values.

"Organic is not just what I grow. It is also apparent in the way I treat the environment, my fellow citizens and, last but not least, my employees."
The effort shows

 The special selection of seedlings and seeds, including the complete absence of pesticides and artificial fertilizers, has proven its worth: the special emphasis on quality and sustainable agriculture is rewarded with an annual increase in demand.


"Above all, it's a good feeling when I see what we create with our own hands in harmony with nature - and when our customers appreciate our efforts.