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Tourist info Ratschings, Ridnaun, and Jaufental

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Whatever your request may be, we are ready to answer your questions at the tourist office for the Ratschings, Ridnaun, and Jaufental valleys. You will find us on the access road to Ratschings in Gasteig. Information material is available here, as well as expert advice and information from the staff.

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Information office
Info Ratschings Racines
Casateia, Via Giovo 1 39040 Ratschings/ Racines
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The team

Thomas Gschließer - Managing Director
Organisation, Events, Marketing & PR

Lisa Gschnitzer
Information, Administration, and Projects

Katarina Ciceri
Internet, Social Media, PR

Andrea Wieser
Sustainability, Destination Development & Products
Ratschings Tourismus Gen.
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