From leisurely jogs to challenging mountain runs
Explore our running routes surrounded by the beauty of a magnificent natural landscape

Running in Ratschings, Ridnaun and the Jaufental Valley

Leisurely jogs to mountain runs: You’ll certainly get a good run for your money here!

Ratschings is the place of runners’ dreams. There’s an incredible variety of routes to choose from, ranging from easy trails through to challenging mountain terrain. Uphill, downhill, flat, steep, through the woods, over the meadows, over every hill and dale: here in Ratschings, running lovers will find everything they’re looking for.
Running keeps you fit and healthy, and the magnificent mountain landscape adds the perfect touch of motivation.
Time to get your trainers on and head off!

Find the perfect route for an unforgettably enjoyable run!

5 tips for the perfect run:
1. Start your run properly
One typical beginner’s mistake is setting off too fast. Give your body time to warm up before increasing your speed: keeping the right pace is essential to building endurance.
2. Choose good footwear
The right footwear is paramount! Poor-quality running shoes can lead to difficulty or even injury when running. Be sure to get advice when purchasing your footwear.
3. Drink plenty
When you run for an hour or more, thirst can become a problem. A healthy body should always have sufficient water reserves.
4. Regularity is key
Take the time to work out the ideal training plan for your body: You can only improve your performance if you train regularly. Always remember that sport should be both fun and healthy.
5. Don’t train too hard
After a run, give your body the well-earned rest it needs. If you give yourself enough recuperation time, your next run will be a winner!
Ratschings Mountain Trails


The 3rd Ratschings Mountain Trail will be held on 18.06.2023. Do you love running and fancy pitting your skills against other runners?
Then head to Ratschings!