Regional tastes better
Local producers from Ratschings
Regional tastes better
From fresh eggs, honey, fruit & vegetables, cheese from the farm dairy to homemade fruit spreads - the variety of products from our local producers is endless!
Quality and tradition come together to create pure delight.

The result of this symbiosis begins with species-appropriate animal farming, sustainable cultivation and careful processing of the products.
This is how our producers guarantee the highest quality - from farm to fork.

Here you will find an overview of the range of regional products from the farm!

Our local producers and farmshops

 Flinglhof - Ratschings

Benjamin Rainer Wieser

Potatoes are grown and marketed directly at the Flinglhof farm. In summer, geese are also kept on pasture.

Innerratschings 12, 39040 Ratschings

+39 338 472 5052

Gassgut - Jaufental

Sabrina Rainer

As a passionate florist and farmer, Sabrina offers fresh flowers in summer and dried flowers in winter. She uses them to create floral arrangements and decorations for celebrations such as weddings.

Jaufental-Mittertal 47, 39040 Racines/Ratschings

+39 338 173 7993

Organic farm Waldförster - Mareit

Thomas Zössmayr

The organic farm grows a wide variety of organic vegetables, which are sold at the Sterzing farmers' market and directly on the farm.

Tuesday from 04.00pm to 07.00pm sale at the farm 

Mareit St. Johannes 20, 39040 Racines/Ratschings

+39 335 595 6632

Eisendle Beekeeping - Ridnaun

Eisendle Martin

With a passion for bees and many years of experience, honey and honey products are sold.

Maiern 13, 39040 Ratschings

+39 349 743 2642

Beekeeping Martin Longo - Sterzing/Pardaun

Martin Longo

Beekeeping has been his passion for over three decades: Martin Longo offers natural honey products of the highest quality.

Matheis Stöberlstr. 12, 39049 Sterzing

+39 340 970 1671

Beekeeping Kasseroler Joachim - Stange

Joachim Kasseroler

Agricultural business for more than 20 years, with great emphasis on the production of natural honey of the highest quality. Varietal honey and refined honeys are offered.

Stange 95, 39040 Ratschings

+39 349 186 7187

Sennerhof - Jaufental

The Girtler family

Goats and chickens are kept on the Sennerhof farm. The goat's milk is processed into various types of cheese in the farm dairy, which is sold alongside fresh eggs, homemade fruit spreads and fresh vegetables.

Opening hours farm store: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
04:00p.m. to 07:00 p.m.

Jaufental-Mittertal 56, 39040 Ratschings

+39 348 474 3881

Pretzhof - Gasteig

Eat, drink & shop. Enjoy steaks or an aperitif, shop for quality meat, cheese specialties and selected wines: All in one! Fresh meat, sausages, bacon and cheese from our own production as well as fine wines from sustainable, organic and biodynamic cultivation are on offer.

Opening hours: Sunday, Monday closed

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 08.00 a.m.-07.00 p.m.

Friday, Saturday 08.00 a.m.-09.00 p.m.

Gasteig, artisan zone east 24, 39040 Ratschings

+39 0472 694988

Burghof - Kalch, Ratschings

Matthias Polig

Goat cheese from organic livestock is offered in the farm's own cheese dairy.

Kalch, Jaufenpassstrasse 5a, 39040, Ratschings


+39 331 652 3647

Mount Becher Genusshaus - Ridnaun

The Volgger family

The Mount Becher Genusshaus comprises 4 production facilities: Brewery, distillery, roasting plant and cheese dairy. Guided tours through the 4 worlds of pleasure are offered.

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday: 10.00 am - 5.00 pm
Closed Sunday and Monday

Ridnaun village 30, 39040 Ratschings

+39 379 151 5020

Wippland - Wipptal/Freienfeld

Mountain farmers cooperative

Meat products from beef, lamb, pork, turkey, game - depending on the season, sausages, bacon, lambskins are offered. Feeding with hay, exercise on the pastures, slow growth - all this makes the meat fair and healthy.

Opening hours:

Saturday 09.00 a.m.- 01.00 p.m.

Monday-Friday by appointment, delivery throughout South Tyrol

Sprechenstein 11, 39040 Freienfeld

+39 329 913 7162

+39 0472 766 800



Sterzing Milchhof

Quality and tradition combined in yogurt, butter, fresh milk and fresh cream. Milchhof Sterzing is supplied with fresh milk from surrounding farms.

Opening hours store Jaufenstraße:

Monday-Friday 08.00 a.m.-06.00 p.m.

Saturday 08.00 a.m.-12.00 a.m.

Sterzing, Jaufenstraße 108, 39049 Sterzing

+39 0472 764 155



Foto: Benjamin Pfitscher/Milchhof Sterzing

 Fotos: Katharina Tratter Photography

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