Get to know water with all your senses.
Water cascades through a marble gorge, a 15-metre-high waterfall towers in front of you...

Welcome to the Gilfenklamm gorge
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The elemental force of water


Can you hear the roar of the waterfall? Can you feel the tiny droplets on your skin? Can you smell the pure air? Can you see the sun’s rays penetrating the mist?

Embark on a hike through the Gilfenklamm gorge. Here, it thunders and roars, babbles and foams, while you walk across wooden paths and bridges towards the waterfall. The once pure white marble, painted by time in all imaginable shades of green, accompanies you through the entire gorge, with massive rock faces towering up to the left and right. The Ratschingser Bach stream has made its way through the middle. An unbelievable natural spectacle that is worth a visit for families, seniors, and nature lovers!

Opening hours
The Gilfenklamm gorge is open daily from 9am - 5pm (July and August from 9am - 6pm).

No reservation is necessary. However, it is recommended to avoid the main visiting hours (between 10.00 am and 12.30pm).

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Prices & Offers

You can purchase tickets at the ticket office at the entrance to the Gilfenklamm. You can pay in cash, by credit card or by bank card. With activeCard you get a bonus of -50% on all entry fees.  

Adults: € 7.00
Children (6-13,99 years): 5.00 €
Groups (20 persons or more): € 6.50, group leaders have free entry
Family offer: With 2 paying adults, entry for 1 child is free of charge


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The most popular entrance to the gorge is just before the Stange bridge (Hotel Ratschingserhof). There is a second entrance in the village centre behind the Gasthaus zur Gilfenklamm. The third option is to enter from Jaufensteg (opposite the Jaufensteg hotel) and walk down through the gorge.
360° tour through the Gilfenklamm Gorge
360° tour
A wonderful family trip
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