The mill clatters by the rushing stream…
To the roots
Back when people were still self-sufficient, and life seemed to move at a slower pace.

Back to the roots

Staying true to our heritage

The question of whether everything was better in the past is open to debate. The best thing to do is to see for yourself. In Ratschings, Ridnaun, and Jaufental, you can revisit the past at old farms, historic wine cellars, and grain mills steeped in history. Go back in time and make a piece of South Tyrolean tradition part of your own.

The Gratznhäusl

When tradition meets indulgence, you’ve arrived at the Gratznhäusl: first mentioned in 1375, you can enjoy South Tyrolean cuisine in an authentic ambience. The style could hardly be more original: In the old goat barn, you will learn the art of distilling schnapps, and during the cooking course, you will learn tips and tricks for making South Tyrolean cuisine. Next to the centuries-old granary, there’s a well-stocked wine cellar and homemade and smoked specialities!

The Jaufental mill

The grain is grown in the fields, ground into flour in the mill, and baked into crusty bread in the old farmhouse oven. There are only a few traditional grain mills left, which is why the mill in the Jaufental is something very special. Watch Peter grind the grain into flour with the sound of the clattering mill wheel!

The Tötschhof

Though we don’t know exactly when it was built, the Tötschhof has likely been around since the 16th century. A piece of old rural cultural heritage that takes you back to times long ago. The historic ‘Kuchl’ kitchen is still used for cooking. The speck snack (cured smoked ham) tastes particularly delicious here.
Tötschhof: Hotel Plunhof

Enjoy easy-to-make bread dumplings called canederli!

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