Behaviour in cultural sites
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Behaviour in cultural sites

Dear visitors,

In order to make your visit inour cultural sites as pleasant as possible, we ask you to observe the following rules of conduct.

Provincial Museum of Hunting and Fishing Wolfsthurn Castle

Buy a ticket: Please buy a ticket for your visit.
Quiet behavior: Please behave quietly out of respect for other visitors.
Do not touch: Please do not touch any exhibits, except at the interactive stations.
Photos without flash: Photography is permitted, but without flash. The tapestry in the state rooms may not be photographed.
Observe opening hours: Please observe the opening hours and leave the museum at 17:00.
Dogs: Dogs are unfortunately not allowed in the museum.
Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in the museum.
Inner courtyard: The inner courtyard is part of the private area of the castle and may not be entered.

Food: It is not permitted to eat in the exhibition. The tables in front of the entrance area can be used for this purpose.
Staff instructions: Please follow the instructions of the staff.
Do not run: Do not walk in the museum to avoid accidents and damage.
Leave walking sticks at the ticket desk: Please leave walking sticks that are not needed for walking at the ticket desk to protect the historic floors.
No loud conversations: Keep your conversation at a quiet volume.
Supervise children: Children should be supervised by an adult at all times.
Interactive stations: Please leave the interactive stations in such a way that the next visitors can also use them. Handle the skins with care and put the antlers neatly back on the tables after playing the antler game.
Umbrellas: Please leave wet umbrellas in the entrance area or at the ticket office during your visit.

Thank you for your understanding and your help!
Your team at Wolfsthurn Castle


Ridnaun Mining Museum

Find out what you need to know at the Provincial Mining Museum in Ridnaun here!



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