Hello, little marmot!

An exciting day in the Mountain Adventure World

At last, we’re off! My daughter Maria snuggles up close to me and looks up with great excitement. The ride in the gondola takes just a few minutes. The comfortable panoramic cable car whisks us up to the mountain station of the Ratschings-Jaufen hiking and skiing area at 1,800 metres above sea level. Today we want to visit the marmot world and the giant slide.

Maria’s eyes light up. She has been looking forward to this day for so long. My gaze sweeps across the impressive mountain landscape of Ratschings. What a wonderful panorama, and the pleasant fresh air! It feels good! While I’m still in my thoughts, Maria is already waving to me from the giant penguin climbing structure. Just behind her, she spots the marmots. A huge burrow invites us into the underground world of the shy Alpine dwellers. When we emerge into daylight again, we first have to blink for a moment to adjust our eyes, and then we’re off racing. We marvel at fascinating tree sculptures and pictures of nature made of roots, moss, and brushwood, learn about the origin of water, and explore the world of hard-working ants. We can hardly tear ourselves away from the petting zoo with its woolly sheep and bleating goats. “I wish I could take a donkey home with me,” Maria gushes.


A delicious Kaiserschmarrn (torn pancake) with cranberry jam, which we enjoy in a rustic Alpine hut, quiets our growling tummies. We still need strength to climb to the lookout tower. The view up there is fantastic. Between the treetops, Marie sees her long-awaited giant slide. There’s no stopping her, that’s for sure.

We end this exciting day at the forest playground. While Maria is still playing in the small stream, I lean back on one of the large sun loungers and enjoy the moment. The Mountain Adventure World has certainly not seen the last of us. What an exciting day!