Symbolic reopening
The Becherhaus
South Tyrol's highest refuge at 3,195 m

The Becherhaus reopens

The final touches have been made, and up at the heights of 3,195 m the Becherhaus is now shining in all its glory once again. The symbolic reopening ceremony is now set to take place, 127 years after the hut was first built. Renovation works began roughly one year ago and over the course of the last year, apart from a 2-month break, the Becherhaus has been the highest building site in South Tyrol - often at temperatures of minus 25°C.

The Alpine Work team, under the leadership of Peter Trenker, have performed truly amazing feats of work over the past few months. The facade of the mountain hut has been clad in larch shingles, the terrace expanded, the roof renovated, a comfortable new Stube dining room added, and all the necessary systems and fire safety equipment have been fully modernised.

The new "Stube" with a dreamlike view

The energy-generation system has been overhauled with the installation of a photovoltaic system and battery storage facility, and the hut has also been fitted with a thermohydraulic system, fire sprinkler system and a water supply and glacier water treatment system.

The team completed the works before the scheduled date. Having grown both physically and emotionally, all craftsmen involved in the renovations have forged a personal bond with the Becherhaus and will undoubtedly have many tales to tell their grandchildren of their time spent working on the highest building site in South Tyrol.