No limits

Broaden horizon

It still gets a little better...

During my last holidays in South Tyrol I really expanded my horizon. I was a good skier and I did not believe in the need of a Ski lesson. But my wife surprised me with two private ski lessons with the Ski Instructor Ramona from Luisl’s Ski & Snowboard School. Initially I was sceptical but I started the lesson. Ramona gave me some advices and improvements and after some exercises I skied easier and relaxer. I didn’t believe in getting better but it worked!

Even good skiers can still
learn something from the pros ;)
We started on the Mountain Station and reached the slope on the right side – the so called “Saxner”. We did some great curves trough the soft snow and during the lift ride we talked about winter sports and the great landscape of Racines. After that we turned on the left side and reached the slopes on Giovo. It was great and we started to ski outside the slopes. What a feeling!

During these two lessons we skied on every slope and I improved my skiing technique and learned many peculiarities of this wonderful place. Such a pleasure! Ramona and the Luisl’s Ski & Snowboard School convinced me with two unforgettable ski lessons. Thank you Ramona, you really expanded my horizon!