Attention, ready, go! I’m starting with a queasy feeling and I’m trying to remember every advice my Ski instructor Luis from Luisl’s Ski & Snowboard School gave me: keep calm, relax and find your own rhythm. I’m slipping with trembling knees from the right to the left and back again. After a few curves I find my rhythm and I start to regulate the speed. “Exercise makes the master” says Luis and he encourages me with an optimistic wink.
After another lesson the next day I’m feeling good and safe enough to try my first ski slope all alone. I reach the mountain station and I’m overwhelmed of the wonderful snowbound landscape of Racines. Now I’m sure that every effort and every lesson are worth!
With my ski goggles ready I’m breathing deeply and I correct my posture. After a few curves I realize that I’m able to follow every advice Luis gave me before and slowly but safe I reach the Valley Station. What a happy grin on my face! It’s the best feeling all over the world – this feeling of absolute liberty! Thanks to Luis and Luisl’s Ski & Snowboard School.