Popular hike in the Ridnaun Valley
7 lakes
Wild and untouched

Seven lakes at one stroke

A popular loop-route at the foot of the southern Stubai Alps

Late risers should probably stay in bed, as you should not under any circumstances set off on this tour after 8 am: You should plan seven to eight hours for this Seven Lakes tour, and the elevation difference of around 1,400 metres is no mean feat. Fortunately there is a shuttle bus service to the Moarerbergalm mountain pasture (Poschhaus), saving you time, energy and strength.

An ascent of around 340 metres will take you to the first lake, where you can enjoy fabulous views of the Moarer Weissen, also known as the Ridnaun Dolomites.

Fabulous view of the Moarer Weissen

When you come to the Egetjoch and the second lake, practically all the ascent is behind you; from here, the route leads down into the valley and past the third, fourth and fifth lakes. Some are bigger, some are smaller, but all are distinctive in their features. After a good long hike onwards, you will come to lake number six, the Trüber Lake; Instantly recognisable for its vibrant, shimmering colours, this is the perfect spot to enjoy a pleasant rest on the bank; you’ll feel the soothing, calming effect of the mountain lake on your spirits and weary limbs instantly.

Most hikers descend once more after lake six. To get to lake seven, the Pfurn Lake, you need to plan in two more hours and your legs will clock up a few more metres of ascent. The effort is undeniable but then again, so is the reward.


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