You can’t buy happiness

but you can buy a ski pass …

How would you define happiness? Admittedly, opinions differ on the definition of happiness. But for us, it is clear: One definition of happiness is certainly a day of skiing in the Ratschings-Jaufen ski area.

Early in the morning, when you buy your ski pass at the modern valley station, you can feel a sense of happiness in the clear, refreshing mountain air. An extremely friendly “Good morning!” from one of our lovely ladies behind the ski pass ticket booths will put a smile on the face of any morning grouch, no matter how big. Boarding the comfortable cable car is easy as pie. And already then, one of the many adventures already begins. At the top, a mountain panorama in a class of its own awaits you.

Seven additional ultra-modern and high-performance lifts offer you plenty to choose from. So, where to start? Facing the sun, of course! Off to the “Saxner” and onto the couch! That’s right, the lift there feels just like that: leather upholstery, heated seats, plenty of space. I guess you can buy happiness, after all?

Arriving at the top, you have reached the highest point of the ski area. Your happiness peaks at 2,200 metres above sea level. Behind you is the Passeiertal valley, and in front of you is a white, seemingly endless blanket of snow that stretches downwards.

After skiing, it’s time for a bite to eat, so off you go to lunch.

No matter whether you are looking for a sun terrace, modern restaurants, or rustic dining rooms, Italian delicacies such as pizza or pasta, or traditional Tyrolean cuisine, Ratschings-Jaufen has something for everyone!

Finally, after a delicious, original South Tyrolean Gentian schnapps helps you digest your meal, you can continue. After all, there is still so much to discover. Whether it’s the Funslope which, as the name suggests, is a lot of fun, or the “Skimovie” facility where you can race down a set gate run in perfect ski pro style and then download the video free of charge as proof of your skills.

At some point, however, even the most well-trained thighs will start to burn, the desire to keep carving turns will be satisfied for the time being, and you’ll be clamouring for a little refreshment. Get out of the skis, up onto the sun terrace and into the deck chair. Chill mode “Ratschings-Deluxe” on! A selfie with sunglasses, Aperol Spritz in hand, and massive mountain peaks in the back is one way to make your friends just a little jealous.
So, what is happiness? For us, the answer is clear...and how about for you?

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