Cross-country skiing

The journey is the destination

Sunshine, ice-cold winter air, sparkling snowflakes - a perfect winter morning is knocking on your door. You are still gazing dreamily out of the window, watching the last foggy clouds give way to a deep blue sky, when you are suddenly overcome with a sense of wanderlust. You don't hesitate any longer, get into your car and after a short drive through the wintry Ridnaun valley, you find yourself at your destination: the freshly groomed and still uncrowded cross-country ski trail invites you to take in the magic of the surrounding landscape on your skis. Before you set off, you need to quickly arrange the right equipment for your adventure - no worries, with professional advice from the nearby rental shop, you'll be out on the trail in full gear before you know it. You push off with your poles, your legs join the rhythm of the flowing movement and just like that, you glide along, exploring the varied network of trails that extends throughout the entire Ridnaun valley.
The crystal-clear air gives you new energy with every breath, and it is not long before you are coordinating all muscles perfectly.
The overwhelming silence is only briefly interrupted by the sound of snow crunching under your skis. You overcome descents and ascents with ease by maintaining a solid flow of motion, the dreamlike scenery makes time fly by and all of a sudden you have returned to the starting point of the circuit. Exhausted but full of happiness, you are now once again faced with the initial question - what is your next adventure in Ratschings? There is still a lot to be discovered!