Sleigh ride

A fairy-tale carriage ride in winter

There is hardly anything more romantic than a carriage ride through a winter landscape covered in thick snow. At the head of the Ridnauntal valley, this fairy tale becomes a reality. Every day, Lorenz connects his two Haflinger horses Amadeus and Lea to the carriage. The Ridnaun native has been running his small stable for 30 years and has been offering carriage rides for almost 20 of them.

Lorenz knows his way around the Ridnauntal valley and exactly which routes provide pure nostalgia for passengers. Wrapped up in warm blankets, you will immediately feel relaxed and at ease

Snuggled up in warm blankets, the winter carriage ride becomes an experience.

Lorenz’s amusing stories about his hometown transform the carriage ride into an unforgettable winter experience in Ratschings.

But this adventure is not just for romantics – children’s eyes in particular light up at the sight of the two blond horses. Luckily, Lorenz knows exactly how to excite his young passengers. “Full-moon sleigh rides are an absolute hit with the younger crowd,” says Lorenz.

Whether with friends, family, or your partner... Lorenz and his horses will turn any day into something very special.


Information and reservation:
T. +39 340 775 6902

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