My first ski adventure!

Finally my wish comes true!

After a long journey to Racines I’m standing for the first time on my skis. I’m so excited! Full of happiness my mom and I are reaching the magic carpet near the Valley Station. Wow! I see the cable car and I’m really impressed. It’s my target to jump into the cable car and ski on the ski slopes all alone. But first I have to learn many things and I meet my ski instructor Carmen from Luisl’s Ski & Snowboard School. She welcomes me warmly and I’m so happy!
The magic carpet near the Valley Station
We start… the first minutes are a bit difficult and it is a strange feeling standing on those skies. It’s unsteady and sometimes I’m falling into the soft snow. But it’s not that bad because the snow is really soft and smooth. My teacher Carmen helps me and after a few exercises I’m able to make some curves and to stop safely. I’m feeling good and I start to ski by myself! The Wave slope near the magic carpet fascinates me. Skiing on this slope is a real challenge and you need a very good balance to ski on it.

Time passes quickly and my first lesson is already over. It was so funny! I’m really happy to learn skiing and my parents are so proud of me.

Skiing with my teacher Carmen from Luisl’s Ski & Snowboardschool was a great pleasure and I’m going to ask my mom for another lesson tomorrow!