Arrive, relax and forget the daily routine. That’s what being on holiday means! Book here for your holiday in Ratschingstal-Val Racines, Ridnauntal-Val Ridanna or Jaufental-Val Giovo.
Here you’ll find the best accommodation for a perfect holiday: whether you’re looking for a wellness centre, a hotel, a guest house, a self-catering flat or whether you wish to spend a holiday on a farm – we’re sure you will find the right accommodation for an unforgettable holiday.
All the accommodation facilities of the municipality of the three valleys are listed below: you can find the right accommodation for your needs in Ratschings-Racines, the ideal holiday destination for outdoor and sports enthusiasts. The valley is surrounded by unspoilt mountain scenery of incredible beauty, inviting you to enjoy unforgettable mountain experiences. A perfect blend of culture and nature during your holiday in Ridnaun-Ridanna, the World of Mines and the castles located in spectacular positions. Jaufental-Val Giovo is the ideal place for relaxing family holidays and for hikers. Find your dream holiday destination in Val Isarco.