Can I take my dog with me?
Yes, you can take your dog through the Gilfenklamm gorge. However, as some bridges or made of steel grating, caution is advised to ensure that your dog doesn’t hurt his paws.

Can I walk through the gorge with children/elderly people? Can I take a pram?
There is no minimum age for children in the Gilfenklamm. If your children are very young we recommend using a child-carrier backpack, as the Gilfenklamm gorge is not pram-friendly. Strong, fit elderly people can manage the Gilfenklamm gorge easily.

Are there any picnicking spots?
There is a small seating area with bench and table shortly after the Stange entrance. There are no more picnicking spots after this.

Can I swim in the water?
In some spots, you can cool your feet in the water at your own risk. Swimming in the river is forbidden.

Are there any toilets?
There is a public toilet at the ticket office in Stange. The Jaufensteg restaurant at the end of the gorge allows visitors to use their toilet facilities

What is the last entry time?
Last entry is at 5 pm (In July and August, 6 pm).

Do I have to book in advance?
No, advance booking is not required.

Is the Gilfenklamm gorge open on rainy days?
The Gilfenklamm is closed when it’s raining heavily, as there is a high risk of slipping on the bridges and rocks.

When is the best time to visit the Gilfenklamm gorge?
We recommend visiting the Gilfenklamm gorge outside of the peak hours, so from 9 - 11 am or from 2 pm onwards.